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Friday, December 9, 2011


Okay, so I haven't written and mailed our Christmas cards, decorated the tree or the house or finished any of the projects I have started.  I did make the Christmas wreath, although looking at the pictures it looks like it needs more "stuff" at the top.  I did hang a Christmas thing on the front door.  Come to think of it, I believe it needs a little something added too. And I need to take it down and wash the front door.  I need to clean the house too.  The 13 big plastic tote boxes of Christmas decor are still stacked in the hall.  My husband just said we need to get these out of here.  "We will", I said.  SO!  I had better get busy.  I have a lot to do today!!!

Sunday, December 4, 2011


Yesterday we went to Hobby Lobby and Joann Fabrics which are about an 80 mile drive from us.  I love those two stores!  I have a hangover today from over indulgence!  We didn't have a lot of time because it was mid afternoon when we decided to go, so I was looking as fast as my eyes would let me.  My neck is a little sore today. 
I had a list of things to buy from each store.  At Hobby Lobby, among other things we were going to buy a wreath and all the stuff to put on it to make it ourselves.  In my mind this was a dried grapevine wreath or one of those which look like hay formed into a circle.  This simple circle would have a swath of wide white ribbon and some white soft fluffy things on it, just a beautiful cloud to love and adore.  When you see the pictures later this afternoon, you will see nothing of that description except MAYBE the wide white ribbon.
My husband went straight for the big evergreen looking wreaths.  They look so real!  So I decided that's fine, we can have a green wreath.  I like green wreaths.  Then while I looked for just the PERFECT ribbon he went to pick out the trimmings.  Everything he chose was bright red and gold.  They were all beautiful, but.....
Okay, we can have a green wreath with bright red and gold trimmings. 
I bought so many pretty things at Hobby Lobby; wooden appliques, fabric paint, pretty papers, ink stamps, glue sticks, new mini glue gun with a finer tip than previous one, fabric, trinkets, and I don't even remember what else! 
At Joann Fabrics I had one paticular fabric and one particular trim to buy.  I was thrilled to see they had a partial bolt of a fabric I found at another Joann Fabric store a month ago. That store only had a couple of yards or less and I bought it all.  I thought I would not find it again.  So, when I saw it yesterday I bought all they had on the bolt.  Then I found two more fabrics I need for my pillows which will be going on etsy as soon as I get some more made.  Then the trim department.  You know how you should never turn a child loose in a candy store or a drug junkie loose in a pharmacy?  Well, I should not be alone in the trim department of a fabric store.  My pillows will cost $98.00 to make and will sell for $30.00.  It's Christmas.  It's the thought that counts.
You know when you have 100 specific things you are going to do and you do 200 other things instead, then you try to get the first 100 done in the time you have left?  That is what I have done this weekend.  I end up working all night long then sleeping from 6 AM until almost noon.  Certainly have my days and nights switched!  AND not getting enough sleep!  Since I spent a fortune (to me anyway) for supplies yesterday I should be working diligently on items to sell.  So, now I sit on the sun porch with my second cup of coffee after a delicious hot breakfast of biscuits, eggs, bacon and hash browns.  I buttered the biscuits, so yes, I helped.  Husband is watching football, no wreath made, tree and all other Christmas decorations still in the attic, I am still in my pajamas at 2 o'clock on a Sunday afternoon, wait, this sounds like a perfect Sunday afternoon....  Whirlwind of "getting busy" to come later, stayed tuned.

Saturday, November 26, 2011


Tybee Island, Georgia is one of my favorite places.  I would love to have a little house there, preferably oceanside but anywhere will do just fine.  We rented a  place for a little more than a week a few years ago and didn't want to leave.  I went to my first pottery painting studio there.  That was a lot of fun and I love the platter I painted.  It's on a shelf in our living room.  And I'm no artist!   There are so many fun, neat, quirky and some crazy, fantastic shops on Tybee.  One of my favorite shops is Seaside Sisters on Highway 80 on the left as you go into town.  This is a group of vendors who each have a booth but the whole place flows as if it were one store.  I bought several things there including at least one Christmas gift.  I guess I am greedy.  I want to keep everything for myself. 

This is outside the shop.  There are a lot of booths set up out front.  I want that pillow, and that table, and that candle lamp, and those chairs, and that other pillow, and.....

One of the indoor booths belongs to Mary Kay Andrews, the New York Times best selling author, (and one of MY favorite authors).  Her books include Hissy Fit, Savannah Breeze, Savannah Blues, Blue Christmas, Deep Dish, The Fixer Upper, Little Bitty Lies, and her latest, Summer Rental.  I have them all.  She also wrote several murder mysteries under her real name, Kathy Hogan Trocheck.  I bought a couple of those at Seaside Sisters.  I love, love, love her books.  They are the kind of books you can't put down and stay up all night reading, knowing you have to go to work the next morning.  When Blue Christmas came out, Mary Kay had a book signing at one of our local bookstores.  It was a weekend I had to be out of town.  Without letting me know, a dear friend of mine went to the store, bought the book, stood in line to have it signed and gave it to me for Christmas.  You know, as adults we don't get many "good" surprises.  That was truly a good, wonderful surprise.  When Summer Rental came out my husband and I went to our local Books A Million to buy it.  It was late, we had just had a really bad storm, parking lot lights were off and the store lights were dimmed.  I thought they were closed.  Husband went to check, I stayed in the car.  He was gone FOR-EVER!  When he finally came back he had the book.  The power had been off and they were waiting for it to come back on so they could ring up the sale.  They had emergency lights and that was all.  He tried to get them to let him take the book and come back the next day to pay.  Oh, that man... 
So, here are some photos of Mary Kay Andrews' booth.  She has some fabulous items and as you can see, her niche is VINTAGE.  Got to love that! 

I want this cart!

Well, look here! 

I want these two boxes!
I love wooden boxes.  Everytime I buy one my husband screams, "You bought a BOX?  I can BUILD you a box!"  I think that is just so funny!  I don't know why, but it makes me laugh.  Sometimes I buy boxes just to make him say that.

Don't you just love these little vintage toys?

I want this lamp!!!  This one is not in MKA's booth. 

This is the very nice lady who was working the day we were there.  I should have written  down her name!  I wondered if she had to bring all of that stuff in from out front by herself.

Bye bye, Seaside Sisters.  We love you...

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I need a bumper sticker that reads, WILL BRAKE FOR FLEA MARKETS.    Keller's Flea Market in Savannah is a special destination!  You can find almost anything at Keller's!  We went Saturday and again Sunday!  You know that one item you passed up because you just didn't want to pay that much for it or weren't sure what you would do with it?  Yes, that happened to us.  A little wobbly table my husband said couldn't be fixed just wouldn't leave my mind.  I told him the little table is very old and has obviously always wobbled because of the way it is made.  It is a very pretty design and just needs scrubbed, sanded and painted and maybe a little felt tip on one leg.   A beautiful antique armoire with a missing drawer the vendor was sure he could find in his storage unit was also weighing on our minds.  What if he finds it and then somebody else buys it?!?  So, obviously we had to go back.  What choice did we have?

This is the little wobbly table.  The two slats that cross at the bottom are not notched properly.  We can fix that.  And by we, you do remember than means my husband.  The top looks like an Appaloosa Horse.  I CAN fix that!
The vendor looked for but didn't find the drawer for the antique armoire.  We gave him our name and number to call when he finds it.  How do you lose a drawer you wonder?  Well, he repairs furniture too.  I think he took the drawers out to work on it and as things got shifted around in his work area and storage areas it just got moved to a different place.  That seems to make me stop wondering about it anyway.
Just a little information about Keller's Flea Market- Keller's opened in March 1985 with 60 stalls, 30 were enclosed and 30 open air, but under roof.  Keller's now has over 400 retail spaces, 6 food concessions, RV and bus parking, showers for traveling vendors, handicap access, heat & air, ATM machines, and barber shop.  Set up day is Friday.  Keller's is open Saturday and Sunday 8 AM till 6 PM.  The number to call for set up information is 912-927-4848.

We struggled for a long time over this piece.  It weighs about a million pounds, is very thick and was originally well made.  It has beautiful dove tail joints in the drawers and cabinet.  I believe it has been dropped.  It is completely out of line.  Out of whack as my grandmother used to say. See the gaps between the drawers and the fluted front.  The little black thing on the front is the base of a drawer pull.  No handles or pulls are with it.  We were concerned this piece needs more repair than we are capable of.  The beautiful dove tail joints I mentioned- someone has NAILED through them!  The vendor named a price we felt we could be comfortable with losing if we have to turn it into shelf boards.  So we backed up the SUV and brought her home! 

We bought this white table Saturday.  You can see the top needs repaired and the whole thing is very dirty.  If you can look through the dirt and grime you can see some fine detail work in this pretty table.   

We bought a couple of wine boxes.  Beautiful boxes!

Aviator sunglasses for husband.

Man stuff

Small hand tools and small baking pan.  We love these little pans!

I can't wait to start working on these great furniture pieces!  Watch for before, during and after shots.  Then they will be up for sale!  (maybe.  Those tables are really pretty...and that dresser is going to be fantastic.....
Bye bye, Keller's.  We love you...

Keller's Flea Market

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Savannah, Georgia Trip - The Lady and Sons Restaurant

We had plans for dinner at another fabulous and famous Savannah restaurant.  We were walking to The Paris Market when my husband noticed there were no people waiting on the sidewalk at The Lady and Sons.  "Are they closed?"  We saw there were people inside so he ran over to see if we could get in for dinner while I continued on to The Paris Market.  They told him they could take us right then but he said, "in thirty minutes".  Now, just 30 minutes for me to be in The Paris Market?  He is a little dense sometimes.  I take that long in just half the first floor!  I don't know about that man.  I had to do my shopping and looking fast but I managed to buy a few things for myself and a couple of Christmas gifts!  All of that is covered in my previous post, except the items I bought.  I might show those later in the week!

We took the elevator to the third floor where we were seated near the beautiful old bar.

 We were immediately served hot Cheddar Biscuits and Hoe Cakes.

  We have always had the buffet here.  I forgot they even had menus.  It is hard to pass up the chance to have Paula's fried chicken.  It is so-o-o good.  Actually, I make really delicious fried chicken...but I don't like to.  Seems The Lady and Sons like to make fried chicken.  They also make delicious mac 'n' cheese.  The buffet also includes Low Country Boil and about a thousand vegetables!  But when our server told us the day's specials we couldn't pass them up. 
Grilled Salmon
Topped with Cilantro Butter
Served with Creamy Risotto
and Zucchini au gratin

12 Oz. New York Strip
With Chimichurri Creme Fraiche
Served with Shredded Parmesan
Twice Baked Potato
Sauteed Snap Beans
With Purple Onions


Everything was incredibly delicious!  I love Grilled Salmon but the Creamy Risotto was so good I filled up on it and couldn't finish the salmon!  We have dinner in the fridge for one night now!  We shared a piece of  Gooey Butter Cake for dessert.  This was one of the best meals we have ever had.  I have to say our server was top notch!  She was so attentive and nice my husband wondered if we were her only table! 

After dinner we went to the adjoining Paula Deen Store for a little looking, shopping and wishing!  We bought one Christmas gift and got some creative ideas! 

That was fun!  Bye bye Lady and Sons...

We love you!

The Paris Market and Brocante

The Paris Market and Brocante is one of my very favorite stores! 

Located at 35 West Broughton Street in historic downtown Savannah, the Paris Market is within walking distance of dozens of fabulous shops and restaurants.  Owner, Paula Danyluk started this magnificent shop 6 years ago.  They had not been open long when they were featured in a magazine.  I believe it was Southern Living, not positive which magazine it was in, but I do know that I tore out the article and kept it for my next trip to Savannah.  I have been there several times since then and always, always love everything about it!  

  Sit outside and chat while sipping a coffee or soda from the Brocante and peeking at the beautiful window displays.  Look at the big pumpkin in the window!

Ah, those open doors beckon all to come in.......

Can you just take it all in?  Everything in this room is so fabulous I don't know where to start!  But, I stick with my pattern of starting on the right and going up and down each isle methodically.  My eyes keep jumping from item to item there is so much to see!  

This gorgeous table is set for an unforgetable dinner party with a long piece of driftwood spanning the length of the table!  Chippy paint old metal garden chairs and silver serving pieces nestled in moss bring a relaxed elegance to this amazing tableau.  This setting would be perfect indoors or out.  I wanted to sit down and have a glass of wine....

Beautiful ornaments for the tree or anywhere!  I gathered several of course!

 Silver tray filled with silver birds

I have a cabinet very similar to this!  I love the way they displayed the beautiful items on it.

For your own beautiful bath, they have wonderful smelling soaps and lotions.  Pamper yourself with a  thick soft bath robe and candles.

Isn't this so fun and pretty?

I love this entire vignette.  I want that and that and that and that and......

This beautiful chandilier is one of many for sale at The Paris Market.

This chandelier is large, open and airy feeling.  And it's for sale!
Doesn't every little nook filled with baby clothes have a crystal chandelier?

~MUCH MORE DOWNSTAIRS~ Look at the stairs, rails and brick wall!  Each step has a stack of old books on each end.

The building itself is a total architural work of art.  I never tire of admiring this old beautiful building.

This beautiful area is the landing between two sections of the staircase.

Bountiful display of beauty!

This beautiful table is laden with a treasure of delights underneath a gorgeous chandelier. 

Notice the beams and the old brick wall. 

One window has been bricked over.  This is common in a lot of old brick buildings.
This old downtown Savannah building is incredible and so proud to be home to such beautiful items.
 There is a little bit of everything to see here!
 This picture doesn't do this magnificent tree justice.  It is covered with the most realistic looking snow I have ever seen.  What better setting than on a sled!

This just says Christmas to me.  I hear Christmas music!  And sleigh bells!!!

Another lovely setting.
Lots of poofy pillows.

You'll love this.  The headboard is a huge mirror centered by two old French doors. 

An old cart makes an amazing display table as do the other fabulous pieces in the background.

Bye bye, Paris Market....
I love you......