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Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I need a bumper sticker that reads, WILL BRAKE FOR FLEA MARKETS.    Keller's Flea Market in Savannah is a special destination!  You can find almost anything at Keller's!  We went Saturday and again Sunday!  You know that one item you passed up because you just didn't want to pay that much for it or weren't sure what you would do with it?  Yes, that happened to us.  A little wobbly table my husband said couldn't be fixed just wouldn't leave my mind.  I told him the little table is very old and has obviously always wobbled because of the way it is made.  It is a very pretty design and just needs scrubbed, sanded and painted and maybe a little felt tip on one leg.   A beautiful antique armoire with a missing drawer the vendor was sure he could find in his storage unit was also weighing on our minds.  What if he finds it and then somebody else buys it?!?  So, obviously we had to go back.  What choice did we have?

This is the little wobbly table.  The two slats that cross at the bottom are not notched properly.  We can fix that.  And by we, you do remember than means my husband.  The top looks like an Appaloosa Horse.  I CAN fix that!
The vendor looked for but didn't find the drawer for the antique armoire.  We gave him our name and number to call when he finds it.  How do you lose a drawer you wonder?  Well, he repairs furniture too.  I think he took the drawers out to work on it and as things got shifted around in his work area and storage areas it just got moved to a different place.  That seems to make me stop wondering about it anyway.
Just a little information about Keller's Flea Market- Keller's opened in March 1985 with 60 stalls, 30 were enclosed and 30 open air, but under roof.  Keller's now has over 400 retail spaces, 6 food concessions, RV and bus parking, showers for traveling vendors, handicap access, heat & air, ATM machines, and barber shop.  Set up day is Friday.  Keller's is open Saturday and Sunday 8 AM till 6 PM.  The number to call for set up information is 912-927-4848.

We struggled for a long time over this piece.  It weighs about a million pounds, is very thick and was originally well made.  It has beautiful dove tail joints in the drawers and cabinet.  I believe it has been dropped.  It is completely out of line.  Out of whack as my grandmother used to say. See the gaps between the drawers and the fluted front.  The little black thing on the front is the base of a drawer pull.  No handles or pulls are with it.  We were concerned this piece needs more repair than we are capable of.  The beautiful dove tail joints I mentioned- someone has NAILED through them!  The vendor named a price we felt we could be comfortable with losing if we have to turn it into shelf boards.  So we backed up the SUV and brought her home! 

We bought this white table Saturday.  You can see the top needs repaired and the whole thing is very dirty.  If you can look through the dirt and grime you can see some fine detail work in this pretty table.   

We bought a couple of wine boxes.  Beautiful boxes!

Aviator sunglasses for husband.

Man stuff

Small hand tools and small baking pan.  We love these little pans!

I can't wait to start working on these great furniture pieces!  Watch for before, during and after shots.  Then they will be up for sale!  (maybe.  Those tables are really pretty...and that dresser is going to be fantastic.....
Bye bye, Keller's.  We love you...

Keller's Flea Market

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