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Thursday, November 10, 2011

This Pretty Little Chair Needs Some Love.

I found this chair in an alley in downtown Gatlinburg, Tennessee.  The back legs have broken away from the frame and have been glued and nailed.  The cover is slightly stained but not in bad condition. I took the fabric off the back before remembering to take pictures.  The fabric is stapled on, then the edges were covered with a strand of little metal round things that looked like small upholstery tacks until I started to pull them out and discovered it was strands stapled with long very narrow staples. I didn't know such metal strands existed. We had a tough time pulling out the billion long staples!  And I had thought it would be an easy step to sit and pull out tacks while I watched television. 
Here is a close up of the damage on one of the back legs. Both are the same way.
My husband will take it apart and repair it correctly!

 It is a very small chair for an adult but it isn't a child's size either.  Any idea  why a restaurant would have this size chair?  Wow, what a mess this work shop/garage is!  But, hey they all look like this.... don't they?

After he repairs the legs, I will sand and paint it.  I have a piece of fabric I have been saving for just the right thing for about 8 or 9 years.  It is very old.  A flea market treasure.  You will love it!  No sneak peeks though!  We bought upholstery tacks at Home Depot.  They also have them at Lowes.  I may not use them though.  A small braided trim around the edges would look nice.  Check back with me for updates on this pretty little chair that was left out for the garbage truck.


  1. I can't either! A couple of hours ago my husband told me he has it in so many pieces I won't recognize it. I told him to take pictures. He said it will still be that way when I get home. Darn, where is that man's priorities? He just doesn't have a sense of urgency I need him to have!