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Monday, November 14, 2011

Weekend Flea Market Treasures

I had big plans for the weekend.  I always over plan.  Always.  I plan to clean the house, clean out the garage, do the laundry, make products to sell, go to flea markets and yard sales, clean, sand, & paint furniture, paint the shop building, buy stamps, write/address/mail Christmas cards, work on facebook page, work on blog, catch up on my sleep, watch television, read books, glue broken things together, and clean out the flower beds.  Usually by Saturday morning I am running a bit behind.
So, we head out on the highway, looking for adventure!  When we passed a small Goodwill store my husband asked if I wanted to stop.  No, last time we went there I didn't find anything.  (Yes, I know that is so incredibly stupid.)  But, in my defense I was reading the new issue of Cottage Living Magazine.  Seconds later I reconsidered and we went back!  First thing right inside the store was a big wide wooden picture frame double matted and a pretty water color inside.  $19.99!  In the same bin was an unused gold frame for an 8 X 10 picture. $3.99!  Next up, an unused twin size white sheet, 2 yards of blue linen, a carved letter sign, a little white vase with blue flowers on it, a blue & white toile tin tea canister, and a "Main Stays Home" white curtain panel with crochet valance!  Husband told me there was a sign in the window, 25% off for Veterans.  Sweet!  He's a veteran.  The total was $24. 38!  Turns out the big frame was 50% off!  Score!

1st Haul!

Blue & White Toile Tin Tea Can

Carved letter Sign. 

2 Yards of Blue Linen!

Twin White Sheet

Curtain Panel

Gold Picture Frame

Little Blue Vase
Big Wooden Matted Frame & picture.  Cat is "Button".  We already had her. 
So, once again, I'm ridin' around in our automobile. My baby beside me at the wheel.  WAIT!  What's that?  STOP!
We Love Angel's Wings Mini Mall

Okay, Mini Mall is a stretch.  It's a small building pretty much as full as it can get.  Outside were 2 high back upholstered dining chairs.  One is a little loose but I pretty much expect that with used chairs.  Fabric is a little dirty but I expect that too.  Inside I found a heavy little wood and wrought iron sleigh.  I ask if she wanted to keep the glittered leaves that were in it.  Someone else might want them.  She had a lot of fabric but only one that I wanted, an off white with dark blue or black stripes.  Total $60.00!

2 High back Chairs

Wood and Wrought Iron Sleigh

4 Yards Fabric $5.00
On the road again, just can't wait to get on the road again....

McRae Marketplace Antiques & Flea Market

Nostalgia at McRae Marketplace

Nostalgia At McRae Market Place

Beautiful Blue and White Bowl from Nostalgia
3rd Haul!
Sheep Bank
Could not resist!  I love round farm animals!
Hen Basket

 Blue and White Floral Bowl

American Flag

Saturday, November 12th
This is really a flea market, never understood why they call it a garage sale.
Marvelous cast iron outdoor furniture.
Missed out on this!  Already sold.


Twin Oaks Park fire pits

Total Haul!
1930's Hand embroidered Apron

Little Hand Made Crystal Angel

Little Cast Iron Bird Bath and Birds

4 French Tin Tiles

We searched through several surrounding yard sales but didn't find anything.  We were disappointed not to find more at this huge sale, but we were pleased with the treasures we found.
Tired, but happy!


  1. I can't believe that was all 1 day! I got tired just reading it! Your last haul was my favorite!

  2. Hey there Shabby French Country Basement! I have enjoyed reading your blog. Wow, you really had an extremely fruitful day gathering all these great finds. Can't wait to see what you're going to be doing with them. I look forward to popping over often to see what you've been up to. Best wishes, Shirley (Simply Divine Living) xxx

  3. Great finds! I love that little sheep bank. Looks like a golf ball with a head! LOL! You really have some great hunting grounds where you are! Will enjoy reading more - feel free to stop by my blog too if you want - Hugs, Leena

  4. Well done on the purchases - a great day of finds. I had to laugh at the overplanning of the weekend - we must be twins!!

    1. Thank you, Debbie! Yes, it's a constant struggle to get everything done that I want to do!!! Keep in touch, Twin!