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Monday, August 6, 2012

Amish Community Market

During my visit to Tennessee this weekend my mom, my grandson and I went to a produce market owned by an Amish family.  This family bought a farm which adjoins a farm previously owned by my mother's family.  The trip itself was a beautiful drive along a winding road through
the countryside. 
Around every bend in the road awaited more delights.
  Huge old barns which have sheltered animals, stored hay and provided play areas for children for generations still do all of that even though they show signs of neglect. 
These horses still appreciate the old barn, the generous pastures and the big shady oak trees.
A lot of beautiful weddings and receptions are held at this wonderful place we passed along the way.
I guess they'll finish this fence later.
Fresh eggs for sale.  Self serve, eggs were in an ice chest and a box was provided for payment.

This lovely cow needs milked!  She's waiting patiently.
They have such a beautiful garden.
This is the Amish community swimming pond.  It is lined with a canvas like fabric and has a filtration system of some sort.  They don't use electricity.  There is a platform and a rope swing.  Some little boys were swinging out and dropping into the pond.  I took this picture from the road, then turned down the drive beside it.  I walked over and ask the adult with them if I could take pictures of the children swimming.  He said, "We prefer you not take pictures.  We believe pictures are to be of objects not people."  So, I didn't take any more pictures of them and I edited the children out of this picture out of respect for their belief.  But, they were beautiful.  They wore knee length pants and tank tops to swim.
Roomy airy chicken coops.
Flower beds in front of building.
They built their produce market on the top of a steep hill overlooking the most beautiful country vista you could want to see.  This is the view from the deck on the side of the produce market. 
I didn't take any pictures of the beautiful building with its wide front doors and wide side door opening onto the deck providing a cooling breeze inside.
There were too many people inside and I didn't want them to think I was taking their picture.
Bounty from their garden.

Buttermilk Soap, Peppermint Salve, Corn Relish and Pinalope Preserves (Pineapple & Cantalope)
 Banana Bread and 100% Pure Comb  Honey
 Lots of good fresh food from the Englewood Community Farm Market
We had a wonderful time and enjoyed a beautiful day.
Bye bye!


  1. Everything is just beautiful! I should have gone with that one hour's notice :)

    Did you buy any veggies? They looked wonderful...

    1. All of those pictures of vegetables were taken on my mom's front porch. I bought the honey, pinalope preserves, corn relish, banana bread, Dutch Molasses cookies peppermint salve and buttermilk soap. I always love buying unusual things, (unusual for me anyway). My mom bought all the veggies and melons. The next day she fried potatoes, okra, onions and green tomatoes together. She grilled the long yellow peppers and we ate like kings! Southern kings. I need to bring you all up here sometime. I dreaded that 7 1/2 hour late night drive so badly I almost didn't come, but I'm glad I did.

  2. Wow, this looks great! Corn relish and honey- yummy! Love the chicken coops! Thanks for sharing; this is amazing! I'm now following- love your blog!

  3. Hi, Betsy! Thank you so much. I jumped over to check out your blog and can't wait to go back to read more! Catch you again later.

  4. Just found you on Hometalk. I am your newest follower

    1. Hi, Kelli. I'm so glad you found me and decided to follow my blog! I will come join you on yours!
      Keep in touch.